Gold is a naturally occurring metal that consists primarily of pure aluminium. This element is stored deep down in the earth where it’s protected from corrosion, tarnishing, and oxidation. Gold had a great deal of importance in ancient civilizations, as well as in traditional wedding ceremony practices and other cultural events.

Gold has always been thought to be an inaccessible and expensive commodity, but recent changes in the market have made it more accessible for most people. Historically speaking, gold prices have increased throughout time with inflation, making it a more valuable investment choice than other commodities.

Gold is not only valuable because of its price changes. It also holds sentimental value in cultures world-wide as a symbol and store of wealth.

Lately, a lot of people have been saying that they cannot afford gold because the prices are just too high. But did you know that the price of gold is worth more today than it was a decade ago ? Gold production has decreased by 8% in that ten year span making it less expensive to find and extract. There are also up to 18 million new buyers since 2010 looking for easy ways to invest in gold.